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среда, 8 февраля 2012 г.

Law enforcements don’t intend to support the drug tax law in Louisiana because the tax doesn’t go to them

A drug tax has to be paid in the state of Louisiana for sales of steroids. This tax exists in this state for the past 20 years. So, Todd Matherne, a steroid dealer was enforced to pay 52 million dollars because he distributed a lot of steroids with the labels of the “Zencall Labs”.  This man was sentenced to 7 years in prison but he served 3 years of them.
In fact, Todd  Matherne didn’t know the Louisiana’s drug stamp law. But when he was released from the jail, he found about this law. As a result, he filed a lawsuit against the State of Louisiana, confirming that it was incorrect to enforce him to pay 52 million of dollars. He claimed that it had been an unusual and even too cruel decision. This man claimed that his rights were violated.
The Louisiana Department of Revenue didn’t fight against this man in the court. It was decided to achieve agreement in this situation. So, the tax was lowered significantly. According to the new settlement, this steroid dealer had to pay only 2, 000 dollars instead of 52 million dollars. Nonetheless, the drug tax law has remained in Louisiana but its constitutionality is still discussed.
John Williams, a specialist in drug prosecution for the Louisiana District Attorney Association, mentioned that several laws in various other states were ruled unconstitutionally. He claimed that it was the same with the drug tax law in Louisiana. But since several laws try to criminal twice the same crime, they can be lifted.
Williams said that this law couldn’t work well because it might exclude criminal prosecution. John Williams claimed that this law was not being used because a criminal case could be lost in exchange only for taxes.
There is also another reason which may explain why law enforcements do not intend to impose the drug tax law in Louisiana. Law enforcements don’t support this law because the taxes go not to law enforcement; they go to state agencies.
According to drug tax law, the tax of 200 dollars is indicated per 1 g of anabolic steroids, if they are distributed by weight. If these medications are distributed by dose units, it is indicated to pay 400 dollars for 10 dose units.
As for Todd Matherne, he was a steroid dealer of the huge underground lab called “Zencall Labs”. The Louisiana State Police busted this lab in 2005. More than 10, 000 tablets and 300 capsules of Stanozolol, over 6, 000 tablets of Anadrol, 3,500 tablets and 1, 900 capsules of Cialis, 1, 5000 capsules of Tamoxifen, 2, 400 capsules of Clomid, 800 capsules of Anabol and 600 capsules of Dianabol were seized by the  police officers. Moreover, over 700 vials of injectable anabolic steroids and certain pounds of raw steroid powder were also seized.

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