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среда, 15 февраля 2012 г.

Can steroid use cause improper decisions of police officers?

Many people think that “roid rage” or uncontrolled aggression is a normal negative symptom that occurs in steroid users. Moreover, certain persons consider that it is even impossible to avoid this undesirable consequence, if you administrate steroids. Nonetheless, it is not proven scientifically that it is a real adverse effect of anabolic steroids. But even if we suggest that it exists, it can appear just in small number of steroid users.
Since many people claim that “roid rage” is an unexpected consequence of anabolic steroids, numerous ill-informed legislative suggestions were made. Some such proposals have been made in Oregon. It has been proposed to introduce some new laws. According to these new laws, if any police officials  have been involved in deadly force, or if police force resulted in certain injuries, they must be tested for steroids.
The politician Lew Frederick has made the same proposal in Oregon House of Representatives. Those police officers who have applied deadly force will be investigated, tested for several drugs and their mental health will be evaluated as well.
In fact, it is not clear why police officers who use deadly force will be tested for steroids. Can administration of steroids prove that use of deadly force was unjustified? Is it claimed that steroids because of aggressiveness can make police officers unable to make right decisions?
Investigation team is a proper idea for police officials that use deadly force. But steroid use is not to be taken in consideration here. Positives or negatives for steroids can’t determine whether deadly force has been applied appropriately or not. It doesn’t matter a police officer has administrated steroids, aspirin or just consumed juice.
So, it is possible to make a conclusion that legislators turn to be captivated by hysteria connected with “roid rage” of anabolic steroids.  It goes without saying that illegal usage of steroids by police officials should be a legitimate concern. But it is not said about uncontrolled aggressiveness as a chief reason in this situation. The problem is that illegal intake of controlled substances by police officials makes them vulnerable to corruption and the steroid black market.  Such police officers are inclined to compromise.

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