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вторник, 28 февраля 2012 г.

A teacher died in a medical centre because she was beaten by a steroid user

Johnnie Lee Wiggins is a NPC heavyweight bodybuilder. This bodybuilder was enough successful. He took the third  place at the 2011 NPC Emerald Cup and won the 2011 NPC Empire Classic.
Johnnie Lee Wiggins was a boyfriend of Prudence Hockley. She taught English at Woodinville High School in Washington. Prudence Hockley met the bodybuilder in a gym. He was a personal trainer at that time.
 Once Johnnie Lee Wiggins saw another man’s vehicle in the yard of her home. It was on Christmas day. Lee Wiggins was a jealous individual. Johnnie Lee Wiggins beat the woman too brutally.  Then he left Prudence Hockley unconscious and bleeding on the ground in the yard. Prudence Hockley was taken in a medical centre where she died that day.  The child of Prudence Hockley was at home and called police and hospital.
It was not the first time, when Johnnie Lee Wiggins was aggressive with a woman. Several ladies noticed that Johnnie Lee Wiggins was very jealous person. They also claimed that he became aggressive many times.
Earlier Lee Wiggins served over five years in prison for assault, robbery and theft. It was in Georgia. This bodybuilder was released in 2008. During May 2011 he was under supervision of the Washington Department of Corrections.
It is necessary to note that he was released on probation. During this time a police officer caught him possessing anabolic steroids; he attacked the officer. The Washington Department of Corrections sent him to Georgia but he didn’t tell the Georgia Department of corrections that he had come back.
It was said that Lee Wiggins had had “roid rage”. Actually, this term is widely used by media that confirms that it is an adverse consequence of anabolic steroids. But it is necessary to note that the affirmation about uncontrolled aggressiveness which is believed to be caused by intake of anabolic steroids is not proven scientifically. Only a significantly small number of steroid users suffer from this reaction. Usage of steroids doesn’t lead to violence against women.  Millions cases of domestic violence occur each year but they have no connections with anabolic steroids.
There are other conditions which lead to domestic violence. Anabolic steroids should not be blamed for aggressiveness and assaults. Media has to define other aspects to demonize for tragedies.

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