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воскресенье, 20 января 2013 г.

Former American cyclist decided to admit to doping

A person that didn’t desire to be indentified has reported that Lance Armstrong intends to admit to administering forbidden medications during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Is this a right decision of the prominent cyclist? Points of view differ. Several individuals believe that if the American cyclist admits to doping, his reputation will be restored. Others suppose that the admission will alter nothing. Some other persons believe that if Lance Armstrong does it, he will be probably sentenced to imprisonment.
It is known that Lance Armstrong denied using steroids and other forbidden medications. He seemed to succeed till the USADA released a report on him. The USADA’s dossier provided doping evidence. As a result, the cyclist was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles. Furthermore, his sponsors dropped him. In addition to these negative conditions, Lance Armstrong had to distance himself from the cancer-fighting foundation Livestrong in order to prevent hurting it.
Will Lance Armstrong admit to using prohibited drugs? Which will be consequences?
Several experts affirm that prosecution will take place, if Lance Armstrong admits to doping. The cyclist has claimed under the oath that he never applied any prohibited drugs. So, if he admits to doping, it means that he acknowledges that he has lied under the oath. As a result, he may be sentenced to imprisonment. That’s why several experts say that Lance Armstrong should continue denying doping.
But there are persons who claim that the admission will alter nothing. Millions of persons with cancer that have survived because of Livestrong praise Lance Armstrong. The cyclist is a hero for them. These persons like the former cyclist, regardless of whether he has doped or not. If even Lance Armstrong admits to using forbidden drugs throughout his cycling career, these persons will continue to support him.
But there is also another opinion. If Lance Armstrong provides important information about administration of steroids and/or doping products in the US Postal Service Cycling Team, his ban from competitions may be reduced. So, the disgraced cyclist will probably compete again.
It is unclear whether Lance Armstrong will really admit and which results will follow.

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