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среда, 23 января 2013 г.

Integrity of baseball is in danger

Such famous baseball players, as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza, have not been introduced into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Is it fair? These athletes have achieved amazing results while playing baseball professionally. But it is affirmed that there is no any place for consumers of steroids in the Hall of Fame.
Thus, several persons believe that if dopers enter the Hall of Fame, it will have negative impact for future generations. Young persons should realize that successful baseball players are those that haven’t administered any prohibited medicine. Actually, this is nonsense. Barry Bonds, Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens are always considered to be the best baseball players. If even they are not introduced into the Hall of Fame, they will be always praised. These sportspersons have obtained great results. Nobody can doubt about their accomplishments.
Let analyze logically. For example, you see the prettiest girl in the town. But she fails to win Miss of America. Does she lose its beauty? Do you discontinue admiring of her beauty only because she hasn’t win Miss of America? Answers are obvious. The same case is with Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Mike Piazza. They are great players, regardless whether they will enter the Hall of Fame or not.
Barry Bonds got several MVPs before he was associated with steroids. Roger Clemens became celebrated for his baseball skills before he was accused of doping. As for Mike Piazza, nobody can contest that he is one of the best catchers.
It is claimed that the Baseball Hall of Fame is the place for the best baseball players that have ever played the game. Let suppose that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza must not enter this category. Then we must create another category within the Baseball Hall of Fame. These players must be elected for the Hall of Fame. Otherwise, it loses its meaningfulness. Since the Hall of Fame is associated with greatness, it can’t exist without such excellent players, as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza. Barry Bonds could make games exciting. He showed unbelievable baseball skills long before he was accused of doping. The same things may be said about Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza. The Hall of Fame loses its significance without these great players. That’s why it is needed to consider these conditions and change the attitude to these players and the Hall of Fame. Otherwise, the integrity of baseball will be destroyed.

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