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вторник, 29 января 2013 г.

Rich consumers of steroids are unlikely to go to prison

Does money leads to happiness? Undoubtedly, it doesn’t. But money has great power. Although it can’t bring happiness, it can help to prevent imprisonment in some cases. Let review the cases connected with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. One has probably believed that these sportsmen will lose. But you should not forget that rich guys are unlikely to lose. Since they have money, they have a lot of possibilities to win.
Barry Bonds was charged with lying to a grand jury. He affirmed under the oath that he had never administered any forbidden substances. It seemed that Barry Bonds’ cheating was obvious and he would be sentenced to prison. But remember: this athlete has much money. However he was convicted for obstruction of justice, he received just house arrest and community service. Furthermore, even this light sentencing was appealed.
Roger Clemens, another athlete, was accused of lying under oath too. He affirmed that he had never used any banned preparations. Ultimately, the sportsman was cleared of all charges. Roger Clemens didn’t lose too.
These cases display power of money. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have engaged the most experienced defense attorneys. Of course, you need much money in order to engage the most experienced defense attorneys. Since Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have money, they could engage Albert Pujols, Allen Ruby or Rustin Hardy. Thus, it is not surprisingly that federal prosecutors have lost under these circumstances.
Feds lost also in other situations. For example, let notice the case against the well-known American cyclist Lance Armstrong. The government made the decision to drop the case because it would lose.
Although the government spent much money for these cases, it couldn’t win. Feds had just minor results in the cases linked with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.
Thus, if you are a professional sportsperson, you may administer steroids and/or other related preparations, if you have money. You should be rich enough to avoid imprisonment. Otherwise, you will be disgraced and sentenced to prison.

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