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воскресенье, 13 января 2013 г.

Hypocritical society blames steroid users

Reporters often write articles about those that have unnatural muscles and strength. Reading their affirmations, you can notice that those who administer anabolic steroids and/or other related medicines are harshly blamed. Such individuals are criticized in the society. They are called “cheaters”. It is claimed that those who administer anabolic steroids for bodybuilding purposes may become addicted to these products. Many articles also contain information about potential side effects of steroids. However several negative reactions appear in consumers of steroids, others are not proven scientifically. For example, it is widely reported about violence and murders committed by steroid users. It is claimed that anabolic steroids may lead to uncontrolled behavior that results in crimes. However, so called “roid rage” related to these medicines is claimed to be a controversial issue.
Many persons claim that administration of anabolic steroids for increase of muscle mass and strength, hardening of muscles and fat loss is a moral issue. Let think! Is this statement free from hypocrisy? Why are only anabolic steroids demonized? Do only these preparations make the society unnatural? Let analyze other conditions of our society! What do you think about sexual stimulants? It is claimed that you should not suffer from sexual dysfunctions, when there are appropriate drugs to get rid of such problems. Furthermore, what do you think about anti-aging products? Why should you have evident wrinkles, if there are methods to hide your age? Models and actors apply several medications but they are not called “cheaters”. Students apply certain medications in order to increase their cognitive abilities. They are not demonized too. Certain specialists that have conducted some researches claim that those that take steroids for enhancement of physical abilities are more harshly blamed than those that administer some medications to increase cognitive capacities. Is it fair?
As you see, our society is full of hypocrisy, ignorance and unfair accusations. May you demonize consumers of steroids in this society? May you affirm that administration of steroids for enhancement of physical performance is a moral issue? Be real! If you start blaming steroid users, don’t forget about other aspects in the society!

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