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вторник, 21 августа 2012 г.

Negative impact of steroids on brain’s structure and functions

If you belong to those that read news about steroids, you can confirm that almost every article mentions about “roid rage” that is considered to be one of the severest negative reactions of these medications. Anabolic steroids are blamed for several violations, murders and other crimes. It is noticed that these drugs can lead to uncontrolled aggression that is responsible for abnormal behavior. However it is not proven scientifically whether steroids can really cause “roid rage”, media notes about this unwanted effect too often. Unluckily, several other serious negative consequences are rarely mentioned in news.
Adolescents must be especially informed about certain specific adverse results that may trouble them, if they take steroids in their adolescent years. The specialists Leslie Henderson and Ann Clark of the Giesel School of Medicine in Dartmouth note that these medicines can have very negative impact on adolescents’ brains. These specialists have conducted several researches and made conclusions, basing on the results of their researches. These specialists affirm that steroids can cause in teenagers something graver than uncontrolled aggression.
According to Leslie Henderson and Ann Clark, steroids are very dangerous for adolescents because this group of consumers may have several specific grave unwanted results that don’t trouble adult steroid users. The specialists affirm that steroids can affect the brain in teenagers. So, the brain’s structure and functions may be destroyed in teenagers because of steroids. Moreover, these unwanted consequences may be permanent. It means that brain’s dysfunctions that are manifested through abnormal behavior may present even when the adolescents grow up. So, side psychological effects can be displayed even in their adulthood.
But it is important to notice that the studies conducted by Leslie Henderson and Ann Clark have enrolled animals. So, the conclusions have been done on the basis of animals’ reactions to steroid use. One can doubt whether effects of steroids on teenagers’ brains are the same as those on animals. Nonetheless, Leslie Henderson is sure that these conclusions are true for humans as well.
Moreover, it has been determined that adverse consequences of steroids on adolescents are more lasting than those which occur in adult consumers of steroids.
Leslie Henderson collaborates in her researches with such specialists, as Marie Onakomaiya, Donna Porter and Joseph Oberlander.
Leslie Henderson confirms that it is seen that steroids affect adolescents’ behavior. As we know, behavior is controlled by brain. Since behavior is abnormal, the brain’s structure and functions have certain disorders.
Thus, it is necessary to inform teenagers about all possible risks related to application of steroids. If they know about these probable unwanted results, they will be capable to make a right decision related to steroids.

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