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вторник, 14 августа 2012 г.

Retired baseball players: steroid users should not be elected for Hall of Fame

What do retired players of the Major League Baseball state about steroid use? This is the question which is often asked by reporters and widely discussed by media. Various persons have various points of view about this issue.
Recently some retired players of the Major League Baseball were interviewed by several reporters who tried to learn opinions of the retired players about the steroid era in baseball. Should steroid users be in the Hall of Fame?
Reggie Jackson, Goose Gossage, Dave Henderson, Curt Schillling, Mike Piazza, George Brett and Morgan Ensberg don’t want to see steroid users in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Later Wade Boggs was interviewed too. He played professional baseball for 18 years. He was asked whether steroid users could be allowed to be elected for the Hall of Fame. The retired baseball player said that steroid users should not be elected for the Hall Of Fame. According to his point of view, it is not the best message for American youth. No one should be allowed to be in the Hall of Fame and confirm that he is one of the most successful players because he has used anabolic steroids. This is the bad message for the youth of the whole world.
As for the case linked with Roger Clemens, Boggs said nothing negative about him.
Roger Clemens was accused of lying before the Congress about administration of steroids and HGH. Obstruction of Congress, perjury and false statements were charges against this person. But recently the jury acquitted him. The decision of the jury dismissed the affirmation that Roger Clemens succeeded due to intake of forbidden medicines.
While Wade Boggs refused to say anything negative about Roger Clemens, he had several harsh words about pitchers who use steroids and take unfair advantages.

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