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понедельник, 6 августа 2012 г.

Victor Conte: athletes adopt to anti-doping system

Recently Victor Conte, the founder of BALCO, shared his thoughts about testing of anti-doping agencies and the current state of doping among sportspersons.
Conte has claimed that it is unlikely that the 2012 Olympic Games would be free from intake of steroids and other prohibited medications. The founder of BALCO said in an interview that Olympic anti-doping testing system had different defects. Thus, steroid users were also chosen to take part in the 2012 London Olympics.
The founder of BALCO doesn’t believe that administration of prohibited medications has diminished. He doesn’t agree with persons that state that low performance in different sports is a proof that steroids and other related medications are almost excluded from sports.
Conte claims that steroids are widely taken now too. Efforts of anti-doping agencies led to adoption of sportspersons. Thus, athletes don’t use as increased measures as have been administered before.  Nevertheless, administration of steroids and other banned medicines remains to be a concern.
Conte is sure that sportspersons don’t administer such designer steroids, as THG. Instead of applying such preparation, athletes administer the steroid testosterone which is claimed to be the grandfather of all steroids.  Victor Conte adds that since testosterone is fast-acting and it is getable in form of creams, gels, patches and injections, it is widely administered by sportspersons. Moreover, not very increased dosages of testosterone are required in order to cause dramatic effects. This steroid is widespread among professional baseball players.
Victor Conte criticizes anti-doping system. He confirms that anti-doping agencies have significant ambiguities. Even a truck may go through loopholes that are in doping rules, according to the founder of BALCO.

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