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вторник, 7 августа 2012 г.

Unusual doping case

The heavyweight boxer Larry “War Machine” Olubamiwo used several anabolic steroids, HGH, IGF-1 and other doping drugs during 6 years. However several tests have been conducted earlier, he was caught just in January 2012. After a fight against Sam Sexton Larry Olubamiwo tested positive for prohibited preparations. Metabolites of steroids were not discovered in his sample. The boxer tested positive for EPO. EPO is a blood boosting preparation.
Long-term application of forbidden medicines by Olubamiwo was a real embarrassment for the United Kingdom Anti-Doping. Andy Parkinson, the CEO of the UKAD, tried to note that the ban of Olubamiwo for application of 13 different prohibited medicines is a real success of the UKAD in the struggle against doping.  
Andy Parkinson confirmed that it was an unusual case. The boxer administered steroids and other related medicines for long period of time without fear to destroy his health, career and reputation. He was sentenced to 4-year suspension.
But the alarming fact is following: Olumamiwo could avoid detection for prolonged time, despites essential efforts of anti-doping officers to “clean” sports from intake of doping products.
Olubamiwo was caught just because the UKAD was informed by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that he became the target of an investigation linked with illegal sale of anabolic steroids and other related drugs in the US. Then the UKAD conducted a test which resulted in positive results for EPO.
Robert Smith, the General Secretary for the British Boxing Board of Control, supported the statements of Andy Parkinson about efforts and success of anti-doping officers. He noticed that the case manifested that cheating couldn’t be hidden.
What is your opinion about the case? Do positives for EPO and the suspension of Olubamiwo manifest that anti-doping agencies succeed? Or does the case show that anti-doping policy is not appropriate?
Anyone may make own conclusion. But it is clear that the athlete could administer numerous banned preparations for 6 years without being detected by anti-doping officers.

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