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вторник, 21 августа 2012 г.

Avanafil, Zoraxel, Zydena and Bremenalotide are news drugs for treatment of erectile problems

Some diseases appear in numerous individuals and destroy good life. One of such diseases is erectile problems. This condition occurs in 50% of men that are over the age of 40. Undoubtedly, this is a problem that may destroy relations between partners. Men put great efforts to escape from this trouble. There are certain medications which are prescribed for treatment of erectile troubles. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are claimed to be the best remedies for this need.
Numerous pharmaceutical companies comprehend that the drugs that are applied for treatment of erectile problems are in a high demand. They receive 500-600 million dollars for the drugs which are recommended in case of this dysfunction in males. Thus, pharmaceutical companies see that they may get even greater profits, if they introduce new efficacious products for this purpose. Of course, scientists try to do it.
Recently certain new medicines to cure erectile troubles have been created. But they must be approved by the FDA before they may be purchased and used legally. These drugs are following: Avanafil, Zoraxel, Zydena (Udenafil) and Bremenalotide.
Let present substantial information about each of these drugs.
The pharmaceutical company Vivus has developed the medicine Avanafil. Some studies have demonstrated that positive effects of this medication become evident just 15 minutes after it has been applied. But the FDA has not yet approved this product. So, it is necessary to wait till its safety will be proven.
The company Rexahn Pharmaceuticals has created the preparation Zoraxel. It influences on the brain, treating erectile problems. It is confirmed that this medication will get the FDA’s approval by 2013.
The product Zydena has been developed by the Korean pharmaceutical company by Dong-A Pharmaceuticals. Certain studies have shown that this is an efficacious drug which is able to treat erectile dysfunctions. While Malaysians and Russians may take it, Americans don’t have access to this product because it has not been yet approved by the US FDA. It is affirmed that Zydena works faster than Viagra.
The product Bremelanotide has been developed by the pharmaceutical company Palatin Technologies. This product has certain advantages over others. It is useful for both men and women that experience sexual problems. Moreover, it is capable to increase sexual arousal and desire, influencing on central nervous system.
These are new products for treatment of erectile troubles. We may hope that they will have capacity to improve quality of men’s health.

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