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понедельник, 6 августа 2012 г.

President of Singapore Bodybuilding & Fitness Foundation tries to reduce harm in steroid users

Journalists exaggerate any situation related to steroids in sports and bodybuilding. Many facts are presented in misleading ways. So, steroid scandals appear without any reason. One of the cases is presented in the article.
Rano Izhar, the president of the Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (SBFF), has acknowledged that he provided recommendations linked with intake of anabolic steroids.
Any individual that belongs to the world of bodybuilding knows that steroids, HGH and some other related products are widely spread and applied by bodybuilders. Certain news websites have written numerous articles, presenting the actions of the SBFF president as a steroid scandal. But be careful! He has not sold anabolic steroids, he has just spread information.
“The New Paper”, a Singapore’s English-language newspaper, revealed emails between a bodybuilder and the president of the SBFF which were written before Izhar became the president. Izhar provided instructions connected with steroids cycles to the bodybuilder. The cycles suggested usage of 14 different products, including such steroids, as Anadrol 50, Dianabol, Primobolan Depot, etc. Clomid was also advised.
Izhar noticed that the guidelines were only for his friend that was an amateur bodybuilder. Moreover, Izhar was not the president of the SBFF, when he provided this information.
Izhar’s friend was going to utilize steroids. It was his friend’s decision. Izhar didn’t promote it. He just wanted to help his friend. He wished he used steroids in the safest way.
Izhar acknowledged that he had provided instructions connected with steroid cycles. He claimed that he needed to tell his friend which preparations were effective and which preparations didn’t work properly. Izhar added that when someone asked him about ways to apply steroids, it meant that they would apply them, regardless of the answer. Thus, the president just felt that he had to notice at least the most important things which should be known about steroids.
Izhar has gotten the degree of Doctor in “lifestyle medicine” at the Harvard Medical School. He realized that he had to do anything he could for harm reduction for those that use steroids and other related drugs.

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