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вторник, 7 августа 2012 г.

Many persons criticize Linda McMahon for intake of steroids in WWE

Linda McMahon puts significant efforts to manifest that she is a politician who deserves to be trusted. She tried to escape from steroid associations that have destroyed the reputation of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) throughout many years. Undoubtedly, her opponents ever utilized opportunities to mention about great problems associated with administration of steroids in the WWE.
It is always noticed that Linda McMahon is the former President and CEO of the WWE. The WWE was founded by her and her husband Vince McMahon in 1990. Almost 60% of the traded stock of the WWE is owned by them. They succeeded due to profits related to the WWE Empire. One billion dollars was got by the McMahons due to the business connected with the WWE. Mrs. McMahon ended her tenure of the WWE in 2009 and started her political career. She joined the Republican Party seeking a Senatorial Seat for the State of Connecticut.  The politician wasted approximately 50 million dollars on the campaign. But it was unsuccessful. She lost to the Democratic Party. Now Linda McMahan is seeking the Republican nomination to replace Joe Lieberman, another retiring Senator for Connecticut’s State.
Since Linda McMahon got involved in politics, numerous individuals began to criticize her for intake of steroids in the WWE.
 A newspaper claims that McMahon loves to mention that she has created several jobs but she doesn’t answers questions about the jobs. An article confirms that the CEO of the WWE ridicules stupid men that humiliate women and promotes intake of steroids.
The WWE responded quickly to these affirmations. The Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for WWE Brian Flinn has affirmed that the WWE worries about health of wrestlers and random drug testing demonstrates that the WWE is against administration of steroids. At least 4 random tests are conducted per year for each wrestler. Those that test positive for forbidden medications are sentenced to suspensions. So, the WWE bans intake of steroids. Furthermore, Brian Flinn has mentioned that the WWE has one of the best wellness policies in sports and entertainment.

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