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понедельник, 27 августа 2012 г.

Not only athletes use steroids

It is confirmed that the most of steroid users are professional athletes and high school students who go info sports. It seems to be true because anabolic steroids are able to enhance muscle mass and strength. These are effects which are valuable for athletes because they put efforts to win competitions. Furthermore, you read numerous articles which present steroid scandals that occur in sports: in Major League Baseball, National Football League, Olympics, etc. You become convinced that steroids are such products which are chiefly spread in sports. You also read many pieces of news which notice about usage of performance-enhancing drugs by high school students who look at professional athletes and desire to become so famous, as they are.
But the sportswriter Lena Butler affirms that the most part of steroid users are not sportspersons. The most of steroid users are bodybuilders that don’t take part in any competitions. So, non-competitive bodybuilders compose 80 % of steroid users. The most of them are over 25 years old. These are those who work as military professionals, police officers, etc. So, these are those who have such jobs that require strength. These individuals administer steroids in order to increase their strength and do their jobs appropriately.
It is also interesting to mention that a lot of individuals who have own business use steroids. They have sufficient money to look attractively. So, they administer steroids for improvement of physique and anti-aging needs.
As for high school students who are involved in sports, they administer steroids because they desire to succeed in sports. These individuals want to win competitions, become famous and get millions of dollars. Steroid-using prominent athletes have great impact on the decision of high school students to take steroids. In fact, it is unsafe. Health of high school students may be affected because of steroids essentially. Unfortunately, this group of steroid users doesn’t desire to change their attitudes to steroids. However they are warned about risks connected with steroids for young consumers, they continue to use steroids. The number of high school students who take these preparations rises. If several years ago 1% of high school students took steroids, today the number is doubled.
Although there is a tendency to condemn steroids, it is important to keep in mind that these drugs are applied not only for performance-enhancing effects. They are utilizable for clinical purposes. Physicians prescribe these drugs for patients that suffer from various health disorders. These products are prescribed for individuals with cancer. HIV/AIDS- patients use steroids in order to combat muscle wasting. These medicines efficaciously cure other conditions too.

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