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четверг, 8 марта 2012 г.

Ryan Braun confirms that everything has been done by him with a great respect to baseball

Although Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers faces a suspension for administration of anabolic steroids, he accepted his Most Valuable Player Award at the dinner of Baseball Writers Association. This person didn’t admit to administration of forbidden products. Ryan Braun claimed that he had turned to be a victim of a false positive. This person fights against the results which have been announced.
Altough it has been lately discussed whether steroid users may be voted for Baseball’s Hall of Fame, they don’t forfeit their Most Valuable Player awards. Even admitted users of steroids keep their MVP awards.
Jack O’Connell claimed that Ryan Braun would be permitted to receive the MVP awards. Earlier other consumers of steroids were permitted also to keep their MVP awards. For example, Ken Caminity kept his 1996 MVP award; Alex Rodriquez kept his 2003 MVP award. Both these sportspersons acknowledged that they had administrated steroids.
According to testosterone: epitestosterone (T: E) ratio, Braun had enhanced level of testosterone in October 2011. The T: E ratio has manifested about exogenous type of testosterone. In fact, this test can’t manifest actual quantity of used testosterone.
Another method of testing was used by the World Anti-Doping Agency accredited lab in Montreal to confirm the analysis of the T: E ratio testing. It was applied carbon isotope ratio testing which confirmed about existence of exogenous testosterone.
Numerous sportswriters considered that Ryan Braun should have left his MVP awards due to the positives for banned drugs. But this person made another decision. Ryan Braun decided to accept the awards and address with the speech about false accusations in usage of steroids.  This American baseball player said that characters of individuals are revealed in such cases of adversary. This baseball player claimed that he had a great respect to baseball. Ryan Braun concluded that he made a lot for his career in this sport but he had done everything with respect and appreciation towards baseball.
It was said that Braun had been one of the youngest players of the Major League Baseball that didn’t need to take steroids to be capable to play. When this player heard about positive of Alex Rodriquez for steroids, he was too surprised.  He noted that Alex Rodriquez should have been enough honest to say about usage of controlled preparations.
Ryan Braun decided to fight against the results of his tests, saying that unusual circumstances surrounded this situation. The baseball player announced that he would prove his innocence and false positives.

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