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суббота, 17 марта 2012 г.

Colin Daynes tested positive for drostanolone, boldenone, tamoxifen and furosemide

A Greco-Roman wrestler, Colin Daynes, hoped to represent Canada at the 2012 London Olympics. Unfortunately, his dreams will not be real. Usage of banned preparations became a reason for it. Colin Daynes was caught taking steroids, diuretics and a selective estrogen receptor modulator.
Earlier this wrestler won the 74 kg division at the Canadian Wrestling Qualification Trials.
According to the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports, Colin Daynes tested positive for such banned medicines, as boldenone, drostanolone, furosemide and tamoxifen. Boldenone and drostanolone belong to anabolic steroids which are better known under their trade names: Equipose and Masteron. As for Tamoxifen, it is known as Nolvadex. This product is usually administrated together with certain others in order to minimize water retention. Furosemide or Lasix belongs to the class of diuretics. Wrestlers use this medication as well as other diuretics to lose body weight in order to correspond to requirements of certain weight classes.
Colin Daynes admitted that he had taken anabolic steroids and other prohibited medications intentionally. This wrestler noted that he had administrated these medicines to receive recovery from a partially-torn bicep and an elbow injury.  But he added that he hadn’t known that these medications were prohibited by the WADA. This wrestler blamed his doctor for this factor. He said that he had consulted a naturopathic doctor that recommended him taking these preparations. The wrestler noticed that if he had known that the products were prohibited, he would not have competed.
The Greco-Roman wrestler represented Canada at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. After he won the national trials in 2008 he intended to participate in the Beijing Olympics. But he didn’t participate in this Olympics because he couldn’t qualify internationally. Recently he won the Canadian Wrestling Qualifying Trials in December, 2011, and was scheduled to secure his allowance for the 2012 London Olympics through the competition at the Pan American Wrestling Championship.
But due to administration of controlled substances Colin Daynes has received 2-year ban. It means that he is not allowed to compete till December 2012, when his athletic career ends as well.
Colin Daynes confirmed that he had represented the native country proudly. He concluded that people could judge him, if they were able to do it after the successful career of 25 years and everything he had done.

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