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суббота, 31 марта 2012 г.

American youth try to move each move of their idols in sports

American youth are fans of their sports stars. They have already a lot of such idols from the days of the baseball players Babe Ruth and Shoeless Joe Jackson till the stars of nowadays: the football player Peyton Manning and the baseball player Derek Jeter. Youth observe and repeat their every move.
Is it safe to idolize sports stars of nowadays? It may be risky. Nowadays sports heroes obtain millions of dollars due to administration of steroids. However the NFL and the MLB fight against doping, the war seems to lack success. Administration of steroids like cancer destructs sports. Although American youth are taught about dangerous adverse reactions of these medicines, the results are not satisfactory.
It is said that youth are suppressed to administrate steroids. They put efforts to meet the needed criteria of college admission; they idolize current professional sportspeople. The all these factors induce administrating steroids.
Undoubtedly, all parents desire their children to have success. If children go info sports, their parents desire them to win and to continue to play professionally. Children realize that it is difficult to do it. Which are the consequences? The pressure impacts greatly on American youth.  Over 10 % of teenagers feel that they need to lie in order to have success. College admission levels have dropped due to budget cuts. The Recovery Place supposes that it may lead to the situation, when high school students will look for alternative methods to be able to stand out among crowds. Doping can seem for teenagers to be the best alternative method.
American youth know that numerous professional athletes have succeeded differently. Some of them did it due to their talents and hard workouts; others applied steroids and other related medications. If American youth act like those who dope, which will be the consequences?
Prolonged steroid use may lead to addiction to these drugs.  Moreover, users of steroids may suffer from such negative symptoms, as liver tumors, cancer, high blood pressure, icterus, kidney disorders and bad cholesterol. These negative effects are claimed to be serious; they may be life-threatening.
Undoubtedly, parents don’t want to see their children ill. They want their children to achieve goals due to devotion to sports and hard trainings. But it is difficult to do it because many others lie, applying steroids. Now it is time to do everything to push out steroids. These medicines shouldn’t disturb to reach our goals.

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