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среда, 28 марта 2012 г.

Drug-free baseball in future

The Major League Baseball endured certain difficult periods of time. It endured two situations that are considered to be two world wars for baseball: the 1919 Black Sox scandal and the betting of Pete Rose on baseball. Nowadays the MLB suffers from steroid era. It is widely believed that it will be capable to survive this period too. There was a case that had a significant influence on baseball as well. It was the case related to Barry Bonds.
Undoubtedly, Barry Bonds was not the only baseball player who administrated medications which enhance performance. Moreover, he is not the last of them. Many baseball players have used forbidden preparations to promote performance. Many players of baseball have received awards and millions of dollars due to usage of banned medications.
The sums of money which may be gotten justify the dangers linked with administration of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. The baseball players who take prohibited medicines don’t worry so scrupulously about their reputation, as they trouble about obtaining of money. Such individuals are responsible for the influence which is spread upon fans who try to be similar to them and upon future generation that will have hot debates about the steroid era in baseball.
Nobody can doubt that any baseball player who takes steroids corrupts his honor. It is made only for money. Such individual trades own reputation only for obtaining money.
Nonetheless, it is believed that future of baseball is light. Many baseball players have talents and appropriate skills; they train intensively and devote themselves wholly to this sport. They are honest individuals. They keep their honor. Such individuals love baseball truly. They do not worry just about money. Such baseball players are motivated by real love to baseball.
In fact, the MLB prohibits steroids. But unfortunately, there are individuals in every sport that profit from usage of steroids.
Our hope is bright: we believe that the day comes, when we’ll observe sportspeople who compete not because of usage of steroids and other related drugs but due to natural talents, skills and intensive workouts.

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