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воскресенье, 25 марта 2012 г.

You are unlikely to recognize how wide spread steroid use is in sports

The theme connected with steroids appears everywhere. It is widely debated by many persons. Everyday many articles report about these preparations. You come across news that report about individuals that use steroids. You come across situations related to those who are caught distributing steroids and sentenced to probation or jail. Although steroids are recommended for many patients to treat them from several illnesses, intake of these medications for enhancement of performance is more widely spread. It seems that it destroy the whole world.
People are controlled by money. If they can earn money due to distribution or usage of anabolic steroids, they do it. They are not stopped by the steroid laws. They administrate and distribute these medicines, although they are considered to be illegal in certain countries. Numerous people violate steroid laws because they can get money, distributing and/or taking steroids.
No one doubts that you have read numerous articles about wrestlers that have administrated prohibited medications for many years. Some of users died of sudden attacks, being young. But no one wants to acknowledge that fatal cases happen because steroids. A lot of people deny connections between dangerous medical conditions and usage of steroids.
The Major League Baseball desires to escape from steroid era. We hope that the time comes, when baseball will be played without steroids and winners will be decided due to natural talent and skills of players but not due to medicines that have performance-enhancing effects.
It is impossible to be sure that you comprehend how wide spread administration of banned products is in professional and non-professional sports. Intake of steroids by competitive sportspeople is cheating. If athletes use medicines which increase performance, they lie. They take unfair advantage during competitions.
Any consumer of steroids who goes info sports should determine whether he/she has talent to be involved in sports. If he/she is not able to compete, he/she should have another job. Each individual must do the job he/she really can do. So, if you are not able to play football, you must choose another job.
There is a hope that administration of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs will be pushed out of sports. It may be that it will be soon in the future. Who knows?

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