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воскресенье, 25 марта 2012 г.

The U. S. judge sentenced to prison a short-time steroid dealer that cares about 2 adopted children and 3 children of his disabled brothers

The laws which ban administration of anabolic steroids have appeared due to certain conditions. They turned out to be responses to widespread administration of steroids in competitive sports. Anti-Doping Agencies thought that ban of steroids would keep professional sportspeople far from intake of illegal drugs. But criminalization of steroids influenced on intake of steroids by competitive sportspersons slightly.
The steroid laws usually do not prosecute sportspeople that take illegal medicines. On the contrary, non-competitive sportspersons and recreational bodybuilders are usually targets of the steroid laws. They suffer due to results of breaking these laws.
This is not only one’s point of view. Real facts display it. Let see: who is sentenced to jail because of distributing steroids? For example, Ashley Dewayne Rivers of Alabama received 5 months in jail because he had sold about $2000 worth of steroids to a doctor. Actually, this person was not the target of a steroid investigation. He only turned out to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The estranged wife of this health care provider said to federal investigators that her husband was involved in operations of black steroid market. Thus, the affirmation of this woman caused the situation, when the doctor was investigated.
In fact, Ashley Rivers was a supplier of steroids for short time. This person sold these medicines to his friends. James Robinson, the defense attorney for Ashley Rivers, noted that his client had recognized his guilty totally and taken the total responsibility for his illegal operations.  The attorney claimed that Rivers was a moral person. Although he broke the steroid laws, he recognized the risks and admitted to his guilty.
The attorney for Rivers Ashley asked the judge to sentence Rivers Ashley only to probation.  Rivers cared about his physically impaired wife, 2 children that were adopted by him  and 3 children of his disabled brother. Moreover, Rivers sacrificed about 40, 000 dollars for individuals that lost their homes because of tornadoes. It would be better, if Rivers Ashley were sentenced to probation. This person would continue his work for his family and other individuals.
But Christopher Brinson, the Assistant U. S. Attorney, refused the request of James Robinson. He confirmed that this man committed a serious crime and he should serve time in jail. However the judge was inclined to agree with the request of the defense attorney  at the beginning, finally he decided to agree with the Assistant U.S. Attorney and sentenced Ashley Rivers to 5-month imprisonment.
You can see that steroid laws don’t influence on professional athletes.

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