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воскресенье, 4 марта 2012 г.

A fight between Rampage Jackson and King Mo Lawal was waiting by numerous fans

Quinton Rampage Jackson and King Mo Lawal don’t like each other. They didn’t show their negative attitude to each other for several years. During an interview Lawal told about their relationships, mentioning that he doesn’t have good opinion about  Rampage Jackson that also doesn’t like him.
That’s why it is not surprisingly at all that Rampage Jackson expressed his thoughts about the fact related to Lawal’s positive for drostanolone (Masterone).
Jackson said that it was quite obvious that King Mo Lawal had administrated steroids. He pointed out that King Mo wasn’t a true fighter. He applied steroids to be capable to fight.
Rampage Jackson claimed that there were fighters that were permitted to take steroids. He referred to those who had to administrate steroids for testosterone replacement therapy. This fighter noted that it was a significant difference between needs. Fighters and other athletes are permitted to use steroids for TRT and not for enhancement of performance, according to Quinton Rampage Jackson.
This mixed martial artist confirms that there are athletes who experience certain health troubles. They talk to their doctors who prescribe steroids. They take these products in order to become healthier and to stay competitive. But Ranpage Jackson adds that there are fighters that take steroids to increase their performance. It is quite sadly, according to this person.
However, administration of steroids for testosterone replacement therapy by sportspeople is a quite controversial issue.
Such fighters, as Dennis Hallman, Chael Sonnen, Nate Marquardt and Dan Henderson acknowledged that they had taken steroids because of hypogonadism.
Thus, Rampage is a fighter who claimed about permission to take steroids as a part of TRT by athletes. But there are other fighters who don’t support this point of view. Numerous athletes have the same opinion as Michael Bisping has. They claim that usage of steroids is just justified by clinical conditions. They proclaim that all fighters who use anabolic steroids, noting that they are on TRT, are liars.
Lawal says that he is not guilty, claiming that his manager has heard nothing about the steroid Masterone. Both Lawal and his manager claim that they are actually surprised by the results of the test.
A fight between Jackson and Lawal was waiting by many fans. There were several rumors that they would fight in February, 2012. But the dreams of fans were not justified. Lawal has to serve a suspension.

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