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суббота, 17 марта 2012 г.

Some parents affect their children’s health with steroids

James Gahan injected Corey Gahan, his teenage son of 13 years old, with anabolic steroids. He wanted him to become an Olympic athlete.
 Corey Gahan became an inline skating champion at the national level. This boy won the 2004 Inline Speed Skating Nationals. He also won the 2nd  place at the 2005 National Indoor Speed Skating Championship.
James Gahan pleaded guilty in possessing and injecting steroids to his small son. This person cooperated with a coach from Florida in order to supply the young athlete with testosterone, Deca Durabolin, HGH and HCG. James Gahan was arrested in May, 2004. As a result of his illegal actions, he received 6-year imprisonment.
 Since he had already completed his time in a jail, he was released. He started to claim that his attitude to steroids and other banned preparations had been changed totally. This person talked to high school athletes about dangers linked with steroid use. It was a part of his community service to which this person had  been ordered by the court.
This person said nothing about influence of steroids on the life and health of his son. James Gahan mentioned only about own experiences with these products. This person noticed that if one wanted to see adverse consequences of anabolic steroids, he might display them because he administrated these preparations. James Gahan noted that he took 45 tablets daily and his insides had eroded.
In fact, he didn’t explain what he meant, confirming that his insides had eroded due to steroids. He didn’t say anything about his disease that required 45 tablets per day!
James Gahan said about his son Corey that he had known everything they had done. But he noticed that since he was the father, he took the total responsibility upon himself. But he concluded that it would be better for Corey to acknowledge that he had lied.
But Corey doesn’t desire to talk to his father who has injected him with steroids. Earlier he has claimed that his father has never been sorry for giving steroids to him; he has been sorry because he has been caught doing it.

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