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среда, 28 марта 2012 г.

Influence of financial position of the Dominican Republic on steroid use

The Major League Baseball tries to do everything to prevent intake of steroids. It desires to nip doping in the bud. Then it will be capable to reach the big show. A location where the efforts of the MLB are applied and clearly observed is the Dominican Republic.
Those that live in the Dominican Republic want to play professional baseball in the U. S. This is not only a dream. This desire becomes real. Thus, the whole family drives. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals are lured to administrate steroids and other related drugs which increase performance to reach their goal.
The Dominican Republic is a country where a lot of persons administrate steroids and other products that enhance performance. That’s why a sportsperson from this location is asked whether he has taken steroids or other related preparations. Undoubtedly, this individual claims that he has never doped because tests are performed and everybody is afraid to be caught administrating any controlled substance.
The MLB subjects to tests athletes from the Dominican Republic. So, one year 13 persons out of 40 tested amateur athletes from this location tested positive. The MLB intends to tests Dominicans and to punish those who dope.
It is proclaimed that the number of Dominicans that are sent to the MLB is essentially higher than the number of players that are sent from all countries of the Latin America.
The MLB puts significant efforts to push steroids out of baseball. Amateur players are taught about risks for their health connected with steroids. They are taught about unwanted results that can be caused by steroids.
The financial position of the Dominican Republic is a great problem in this case. The average salary is about 8, 5000 dollars per year there. To get a signing bonus of 180, 000 dollars is a real achievement for any player from this Republic. That’s why athletes from this location are especially lured to dope for such perspectives. They want to obtain a contract for playing professional baseball in the MLB. They try to get it for well-being of their families and for improvement quality of life in future. Signing a contract means moving from a rented small house to a private home, from poverty to normal conditions of life, from travelling by public transport to driving own car.
In fact, doping is not a problem only in the Dominican Republic. It is a trouble which corrupts the whole world. No one sportsperson can be sure whether he competes against an individual that has natural skills and talents or against an individual that dopes. That’s why it is important to nip usage of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in the bud.
 Youth must be educated about troubles connected with doping not just in the Dominican Republic or only in the U. S. but around the world.

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