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воскресенье, 4 марта 2012 г.

Indignation of Chris Cyborg Santos because of Rousey’s affirmations

The UFC president Dana white announced about the end of the female featherweight division in Strikeforce. He noticed that it was connected with positive of Christiane Cyborg Santos for Winstrol. The president of the UFC claimed that this condition would induce the ending of the whole division. Santos forfeited her title. That’s why the president of the UFC came to the conclusion linked with the end of the division.
It is believed that Dana White didn’t suppose which would be the response of numerous individuals to the Winstrol metabolites that had been discovered in Santos’ sample. He didn’t except that a significant war would begin on Twitter between famous female fighters.
Rowdy Ronda Rousey that is the top of female MMA featherweight and that has won the bronze medal in judo noticed about her negative attitude to intake of anabolic steroids and her attitude to Cyborg Santos.
Rowdy Rousey made her feelings about this question public. She expressed them during an interview with TapouT Radio. Rowdy Rousey said that usage of steroids was caused by uncertainty of fighters in their skills, strength and abilities. This female fighter explained that the decision to use performance-enhancing drugs came from the feelings that the persons were not enough prepared to win in competitions. She claimed that intake of steroids and other related preparations manifested psychological weakness of users. According to this female fighter, this weakness promotes cheating.
Rowdy Rousey noted about her attitude to the ban of Cyborg Santos during certain interviews. This fighter talked to Mauro Ranallo during “The MMA Show” that she knew that Santos had used forbidden medications. She said that she never had respect toward Chris Cyborg Santos. Rowdy Rousey concluded that she was happy to know out that Santos had been caught and suspended.
As for Chris Cyborg Santos, she became incensed because of Rousey’s words. She told her fans on Twitter that Rousey would be her next victim at the fight. The fight will probably be after successful serving of the ban by Santos. She believes that she will be welcomed by Strikeforce.
Santos wrote following words, referring to Rowdy Ronda Rousey: “Proxima victim…Ronda! No mercy!!” Santos hosted a photo of Gina Carano after she defeated her at Strikeforce Female Championship. But she didn’t host the real picture. Instead of it, she used Photoshop to exaggerate the damages which were inflicted by her upon Gina Carano.
Rousey didn’t hesitate a lot; she responded to the comments and the picture at once. She had harsh expressions for Santos, blaming her for cheating and for hosting  the picture, using Photoshop.
Many people claim that the war on Twitter between Rowdy Ronda Rousey and Christiane Cyborg Santos is more entertaining than certain real fights. It seems that this war is the preparation for the fight between Rousey and Santos in 2013.

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