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суббота, 10 марта 2012 г.

Anna Watson didn’t agree to take steroids due to her religious principles

The University of Georgia cheerleader Anna Watson said that she was pressured to take steroids to obtain a fitness modeling contract. Her modeling agent indicated her to administrate Anavar to obtain needed 50 pounds of muscles. This person was tempted but finally she rejected this recommendation. She confirmed that her body was “a temple” and she would not destroy it.
Anna Watson mentioned that she had been tempted by administration of steroids numerous times. The agent made everything to present steroids as something good.  
It was said that she would get a $75,000 per year fitness modeling contract, if she administrate steroids and gain 50 pounds of muscles. This lady said that she talked to representatives of Elite Model Management in Paris. Elite is one of the most prestigious modeling networks. Such super-models, as Adriana Lima, Cindy Crawfors and Gisele Bundchen belong to Elite.
But Anna Watson preferred to be a cheerleader at the University to being implicated in the glamorous world. Moreover, this lady refused to administrate steroids because this factor wasn’t in harmony with her religious principles. She confirmed that she didn’t serve a modeling agent but the Lord. Anna Watson added that she had been created as a beautiful creation. Anna Watson made a conclusion that she wouldn’t violate her moral and religious principles just to take photos. This lady  decided not to destroy her health.
Certain questions appear, reading these statements. Somebody can ask whether Elite Model Management looks for models who have the same appearance like competitive female bodybuilders. Or may be Anna Watson just desire to draw people’s attention by taking advantage of negative attitude to steroids?
It is said that if Anna Watson gains 50 pounds of muscles, she will be permitted to compete on national bodybuilding stage. But what is for contract of 75, 000 dollars per year? Sportspeople know that such sums of money are not obtained easily even in sports. But can such large sum of money be received from modeling agency? It is controversial.
Female bodybuilders fight greatly to receive prize money. Females with muscular appearance are more likely to obtain money from “schmoes” (males that have sexual fetish for muscular women) than from the most prestigious modeling agencies.

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