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суббота, 10 марта 2012 г.

Lawal’s positive for Masteron

King Mo Lawal acknowledged that he had used a dietary supplement that was tainted. As it turned out to be, that supplement contained 2 ingredients that were synthetic steroids. According to this fighter and his manager, usage of this product led to positive for Masteron.
This fighter noted during an interview for MMA Hour that he had purchased “S-Mass Lean Gainer” in a Max Muscle store in April, 2010. This supplement was produced by Steel Body Production.
But this is not the situation, when steroid ingredients are not written. Synonyms of prohibited drugs are written on the label of this product. Actually, these steroids were the subjects of some debates between anti-doping organizations and federal regulators since 2005. They are following:  2a-17a-Dimethyl-5aandrost-3-one 17b-ol and 4-Chloro-17a-Methyl-a-andro4-ene3, 17b-diol. These medicines are better known under the names: Superdrol and Promagnon.
As for Superdrol, it goes by methyldrostanolone, methasteron and 2a-17a-Dimethyl-5aandrost-3-one 17b-ol. So, methylated version of Masteron was determined in the urine sample of Lawal by a proper lab of the anti-doping agency.
The pharmaceutical company Anabolic Resources was the first which manufactured Superdrol as a dietary supplement. It was more than 5 years ago. This company was charged with introducing of a new unapproved product. Later this pharmaceutical company pleaded guilty and admitted that they had marketed a synthetic steroid as a dietary supplement.  As a result, this company had to pay a fine of 500, 000 dollars.
As for Promagnon, it also initially appeared as a dietary supplement in 2005 by Peak Performance’ Labs. The government didn’t take any action against the company for manufacturing and selling this steroid. But Peak Performance decided to stop producing this steroid in 2006.
Although legal status of these two products is controversial, numerous companies have produced and distributed them as dietary supplements during about 6 years. It goes without saying that those who are involved in this industry know about the status of these products but they continue to sell them.
Mike Kogan, the manager for King Mo Lawal, notices that the full responsibilities must be taken by the companies which market synthetic steroids as dietary supplements. He believes that such companies misguide consumers intentionally.

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