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понедельник, 23 января 2012 г.

Incorrect spelling of a trade name for a popular steroid in an article

Since themes related to steroids are popular around the world, numerous reporters write about them even lacking appropriate knowledge related to these drugs. Several journalists are not able even spell names of the preparations about which they write news. In case an article’s theme is connected with a popular steroid utilized by numerous athletes, readers expect to find out about important features and studies related to this steroid. A journalist that writes about a steroid has to possess at least general information about it.
Unfortunately, you can come across significant ignorance, when you read news related to steroids. For example, Matthew Kelly has written an article about Nandrolone Decanoate which was published in the Newcastle Herald newspaper. It is known that the trade name of this medication is quite popular. Sportspersons often call it shortly: they name it just Deca instead of Deca Durabolin.  The name  “Deca Durabolin” has been applied for about 50 years. But the journalist of the Newcastle Herald has done mistakes even in the name of this steroid. He has written it following: Decca Duarbulon. Can you trust this reporter? Could you be sure that the other aspects that are provided by Matthew Kelly  are true, if he can’t even write the name of the preparation correctly? Furthermore, it is not the only example of ignorance  about the things he writes. The Newcastle Herald seems to lack researches related to steroids. Kelly asks the local trainer to support his confirmation about steroids that is following: black market of anabolic steroids is full of young sportspersons that look for products that possess performance-enhancing effects to build muscled bodies. Since it must be true, the trainer is not able to support the confirmation because he knows just the things he has been said. He can report nothing actually because he is not involved in this problem directly.
Another ignorance is displayed in the Newcastle Herald’s description of the methods to detect steroid users. It is written that if a person has muscled arms but not chest or  an increased chest and not arms, he\she is an user of steroids. This is the “depth” of researches presented by the Newcastle Herald.

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