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среда, 6 февраля 2013 г.

Lance Armstrong’s accomplishments and downfall will be discussed even 100 years later

The year 2012 has gone away. Thinking about 2012, what will you say about sports? Which names will you pronounce? Will you say about great baseball players? Will you note about the disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong? Will you talk about the Summer Olympics? Will you discuss concussions of football players? Will you note about suicides committed by several professional football players? What will you mention about Melky Cabrera?
Of course, everyone will remember the case connected with Lance Armstrong while speaking about sports of 2012. Each person will mention about the role of steroids in cycling and in other sports. Any individual will note about possible adverse results of steroids used for muscle and strength gains. Any person interested in sports will remember what reporters have stated about steroids, lying in sports and certain ways of sportspeople to succeed in professional sports.
Thinking about sports of 2012, you will probably comment the steroid era in baseball and integrity of this sport. You will also notice about criminal deeds of Jerry Sandusky and his coaching career at Penn State.
But let guess what future generations will remember. What will historians discuss one hundred years later? Will they draw attention on stories connected with James LeBron, Melky Cabrera and Jerry Sandusky? Will they remember concussions of NFL players? However they will possibly talk of these cases, the most heat debates will be linked with Lance Armstrong’s steroid scandal. This is a case that will be never forgotten. A lot of individuals will remember achievements of Lance Armstrong in cycling and his further downfall. Undoubtedly, they will also notice about his foundation Livestrong and influence of his spoiled reputation upon this organization. They will remember that application of anabolic steroids led Lance Armstrong to loss of Tour de France titles, distancing from the organization Livestrong and certain other troubles. The legendary cyclist will be ever in the memory of the American society.

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