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понедельник, 18 февраля 2013 г.

Manny Pacquiao inspires people of third world to advance

Each Filipino knows and loves the professional boxer Manny Pacquiao. This fighter represents own country proudly. So, Filipinos are proud of him. This athlete is devoted to his fighting career. Manny Pacquiao is claimed to be a national sports hero and an international star. The fighter is known around the world.
It is necessary to note that Filipinos love Manny Pacquiao not just for his success in boxing. While several Filipinos claim that they are not interested in fighting at all, they note that they love Manny Pacquiao. It’s not strange. Manny Pacquiao is a very gentle and unselfish person. Certain persons claim that he is modest and proud at the same time. While he successfully represents his country in rings, he serves other persons. Have you heard that Manny Pacquiao is involved in politics? This person is a public servant. It is interesting to note that he doesn’t expect others to serve him. He wants to serve and help others.
Manny Pacquiao has distressful experience. His life has not been always easy. This person has suffered from numerous difficulties like other Filipinos. His father has left the family, when Manny Pacquiao has been little. So, Manny Pacquiao has not had an easy life. He has gone through poverty. He knows what other Filipinos experience and what they feel. That’s why being a civil servant, Manny Pacquiao puts efforts in order to improve his people’s life.
The boxer is also a religious person. He reads the Bible each day. His deeds display that he believes in God.
 There is just one condition which causes controversy. Manny Pacquiao is accused of steroid use. Many individuals suggest that physical changes in this boxer point at doping. But Manny Pacquiao claims that he has never administered steroids. His strength coach Ariza says that the fighter succeeds because of new training methods elaborated by him. Ariza notes that he is a scientist that has elaborated new training regimen which has been adopted by Manny Pacquiao successfully.
Manny Pacquiao notes that he succeeds because of God’s help and workouts. He makes it clear that he is not bothered by steroid accusations because he knows that he has never used any illegal medicines. Manny Pacquiao also reminds about the downfall of the legendary American cyclist Lance Armstrong. He notices that he doesn’t want to have success with the help of forbidden products because such methods can ruin his good name.

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