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понедельник, 11 февраля 2013 г.

Anderson Silva is real MMA fighter

The UFC president Dana White continues to state that the fight between Anderson Silva and George St-Pierre will take place. However Anderson Silva has said that he is not interested in the fight, the UFC president doesn’t lose his hope. The UFC president maintains that the fight between these men will take place before Anderson Silva ends his athletic career.
Anderson Silva will also fight against Jon Jones. But now Jon Jones trains in order to face Chael Sonnen. The fight is scheduled to be in April this year.
Since Anderson Silva and St-Pierre don’t express any antipathy to each other, fans wish more fervently to watch the fight between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.
During interviews both Anderson Silva and George St-Pierre have argued that they don’t desire to face one another. Despites of their words, the UFC president specifies that he knows the situation better. He says that while Anderson Silva and George St-Pierre state that they don’t desire to face each other in the ring, it isn’t true. Dana White claims that entirely opposite statements are pronounced behind the scenes. Moreover, Anderson Silva never refuses fans’ proposals. The fighter always does what he has to do.
The UFC president praises Anderson Silva. He notes that this fighter possesses unbelievable skills. Anderson Silva has displayed his great performance many times.
It is interesting to notice that Anderson Silva has defeated Stephan Bonnar that has taken anabolic steroids.
Saying about the fight against Anderson Silva, Stephan Bonnar noted that his opponent showed amazing abilities. He added that Anderson Silva defeated him totally. He felt as if he hadn’t had any success in MMA in his life. So, Stephan Bonnar lost the fight, despites of his usage of forbidden medicines.
The UFC president doesn’t stop expressing admire of Anderson Silva. Dana White thinks that the fighter evaluates his abilities correctly and he knows that he can win any match. That’s why Anderson Silva is ready to face any fighter anytime.

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