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четверг, 21 февраля 2013 г.

NECC was linked to contaminations many times

In 2003 the FDA designed to shut down the New England Compounding Center (NECC) which last year caused the meningitis outbreak in several states of America. The NECC produced tainted Methylprednisolone Acetate injections. More than 400 individuals that administered the contaminated steroid injections were sickened with fungal meningitis. This disease turned out to be fatal for 39 persons.
According to a late report written by the House of Energy and Commerce Committee, the meningitis outbreak could have been prevented. The report revealed many cases linked with the Massachusetts pharmacy which should have been shut down by the FDA earlier.
The FDA stated in 2003 that the Massachusetts pharmacy should not have produced medications till improving of the situation. But finally the FDA didn’t prohibit manufacture of products at the NECC. Since the NECC was claimed to be a pharmacy, it should have been ruled by Massachusetts officials. So, the FDA let Massachusetts colleagues to resolve the problem. As for Massachusetts officials, they didn’t prohibit manufacture of medications at once. The NECC continued to manufacture preparations. Only Barry Cadden, the owner of the NECC, received reprimand.
Moreover, the Massachusetts pharmacy was guilty of certain illegal actions. The company acted inappropriately under its license. Being a pharmacy, the NECC acted as a manufacturer and shipped thousands dosages of preparations to hospitals and individual patients.
In 2002 several persons got unusual negative results after they had used bethamethasone injections manufactured by the Massachusetts pharmacy.
Later several individuals who used methylprednisolone acetate injections manufactured by the NECC were sickened with bacterial meningitis. Since these persons received complete recovery because of treatment with antibiotics, the case was forgotten. The Massachusetts pharmacy was not punished for the contaminated medications.
These and even certain other cases show that the NECC should have punished earlier. The pharmacy should have been closed for its illicit and improper actions. But the NECC was never sentenced to any serious penalties. As a result, the company continued to produce drugs that were dangerous for consumers’ health. Ultimately, the meningitis outbreak caused by tainted injections of the NECC spread to several states and sickened many individuals. If the pharmacy had been closed earlier, the contamination with deadly fungal meningitis would not have taken place.

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