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вторник, 12 февраля 2013 г.

Barry Larkin: players associated with steroids must not enter Hall of Fame

The retired baseball player Barry Larkin notices about his negative attitude towards athletes who have ever applied anabolic steroids and/or other banned medications. He thinks that such baseball players that have ever been linked to doping products must not be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. To be elected for the Hall of Fame is the highest honor which is received by baseball players. Barry Larkin has been introduced in the Hall of Fame last year. He considers that dopers should not obtain the greatest honor. They should understand that they have made a serious mistake, when they have decided to administer steroids and/or other related products. Their decision means that they should be out of this club forever.
Barry Larkin is one of  the most successful baseball players. He has obtained certain awards, while playing professional baseball.
Barry Larkin also notices about Pete Rose that is kept out of the Baseball Hall of Fame. This person has gambled on baseball games. That’s why he has been banned from professional baseball for the entire life. So, he doesn’t have any chance to be elected for the Hall of Fame. Barry Larkin notes that those who have ever applied forbidden medicines should get similar sanction. They must not be in the Hall of Fame.
Barry Larkin has played during the steroid era. He doesn’t desire to blame those that have played with and against him. He doesn’t make hasty conclusions about other baseball players. Barry Larkin notices that no any sportsperson should be punished, if his guilt has not been proven. He remains to be innocent until it will be obvious that he has actually taken steroids and/or other related medications.
Barry Larkin also takes part in educating young sportspeople about dangers associated with usage of anabolic steroids. He has formed a charity foundation which has been called after his name. So, the retired baseball player puts great efforts in order to make baseball clean. He convinces young athletes not to administer anabolic steroids and other doping products. Barry Larkin wants to see baseball drug-free.

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