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вторник, 26 февраля 2013 г.

Drug testing is not sophisticated enough to catch dopers

Lance Armstrong was denying using doping products for years. Although he was accused of taking forbidden medicines numerous times, he continued to claim that he never administered forbidden preparations. Even when the USADA proved that the cyclist doped, he cheated about doping. But ultimately, Lance Armstrong decided to admit to taking EPO, testosterone and blood transfusions.
However many athletes used performance-enhancing drugs and avoided detection successfully, there was something uncommon in the doping case of the legendary American cyclist. The American cyclist achieved great success in sports. He won 7 Tour de France titles. He got also certain other awards. The American cyclist obtained worldwide success. Although he submitted to a lot of drug tests, he never tested positive for any banned preparation.
Undoubtedly, Lance Armstrong is not the only sportsman who has doped. Athletes have applied prohibited preparations during past years. They continue to apply anabolic steroids and other related medicines today. And professional sportspeople will administer them in future. Administration of anabolic steroids and other doping products is spread in professional sports. Almost every athlete applies forbidden preparations. While several athletes test positive for banned medications and receive bans, others avoid detection.
As for the attitude towards Lance Armstrong’s doping, it’s mainly negative. Many persons got significant anger, when the famous cyclist admitted to applying EPO, the steroid testosterone and blood transfusions. Numerous persons believed in him. They thought that Lance Armstrong was “clean”. That’s why their disappointment was significant.
And what is about “clean” sports? Anti-doping officers should think about this issue. While anti-doping officers state that they have sophisticated tests to combat doping in sports, a lot of sportspersons administer anabolic steroids and/or other related medicines and remain undetectable.
While the legendary cyclist has admitted to applying forbidden products, anti-doping officials should realize that their policies are inappropriate.

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