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понедельник, 25 февраля 2013 г.

Thousands compounding pharmacies that violate laws avoid punishment

Numerous drug manufacturers violate laws. But just some of them are punished properly. A lot of pharmaceutical companies avoid serious penalties successfully. But just when serious scandals are caused by illicit actions of pharmaceutical companies, they are sentenced to appropriate punishments. For example, anyone knows about the meningitis outbreak which has spread across the country because of contaminated steroids manufactured by a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy. Undoubtedly, owners and officers of the company will be punished appropriately. But when illicit operations of compounding pharmacies don’t lead to such serious troubles, they go on with their business successfully.
The media reports about illicit operations linked with steroids, painkillers and other prescription preparations daily. But you may see that pharmaceutical companies get just insignificant sentencing for illegal distribution of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. So, athletes and bodybuilders have free access to doping products. They get anabolic steroids and other related drugs from compounding centers and take them for athletic needs. Moreover, certain drug manufacturers provide fake prescriptions for steroids. Corrupt physicians supply customers of pharmacies with prescriptions which are given without needed evaluation of customers’ individual conditions.
Pharmaceutical companies are responsible not only for illegal sale of steroids. Some companies manufacture medicines in unsterile conditions. As a result, numerous persons get tainted products and experience serious complications, using  these products. Several individuals even die from contamination caused by usage of contaminated preparations. As you are possibly informed, 39 individuals died because of fungal meningitis resulted from contaminated methylprednisolone acetate injections.
The late contamination with fungal meningitis should have an impact on decisions of proper authorities. Criminal sanctions should take place. Otherwise, health of thousands persons is in a great danger. Prescription preparations must be sold just under real prescriptions. All products must be manufactured in sterile conditions. If drug manufacturers don’t obey all laws, they must be sanctioned. They must not be allowed to continue with business, if they violate laws. Loss of licenses should be accompanied by other harsh sanctions.

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