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понедельник, 25 февраля 2013 г.

Whoopi Goldberg: Lance Armstrong got testicular cancer because of steroids

However the disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong has already lost his Tour de France titles and other awards, his steroid scandal is still widely discussed. A lot of persons are still expressing their attitudes towards this case. Not only his possible usage of performance-enhancing drugs is debated but certain individuals also speak about Lance Armstrong’s testicular cancer. Why has Lance Armstrong experienced this disease in his young years? What has caused this illness in him?
Whoopi Goldberg, a famous American actress is also implicated in disputes linked with Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal. While she has been mainly involved in discussions related to marijuana and other related drugs, now she has chosen to join those that fight against anabolic steroids and other related medicines.
According to Whoopi Goldberg, Lance Armstrong has experienced testicular cancer because of steroids. The actress supposes that steroids are likely to lead to cancer. She argues that these medications may promote appearing and developing cancer. Whoopi Goldberg thinks that experts should inform people about probable links between steroids and cancer. The actress notes that experts can define whether steroids have sickened Lance Armstrong.
But what do other celebrated persons think about Lance Armstrong’s testicular cancer? Bob Weiner, a prominent political commentator, notes that anyone should be very careful while suggesting that anabolic steroids are responsible for development of cancer. This person acknowledges that these medicines are demonized for many undesirable reactions that are quite harmful for users’ health and even life. But he adds that it is unusual to demonize steroids for cancer. Such statements are serious. Bob Weiner believes that this issue has nothing to do with anti-doping morality.
Nonetheless, Bob Weiner is ready to believe that Lance Armstrong’s testicular cancer has developed because of anabolic steroids. This illness usually doesn’t occur in young men. Why then has Lance Armstrong experienced it? Since scientific literature suggests that links between cancer and steroid use may exist, Bob Weiner doesn’t deny affirmations of Whoopi Goldberg.
But as it has been already noted, this issue doesn’t belong to those of anti-doping policies. Anti-doping officers focus on morality and they don’t care about protection of athletes’ health.

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