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вторник, 5 марта 2013 г.

Don’t blame one doper while praising another!

The reporter Dan Le Batard notes that it is necessary to think over our attitude to doping. Do we evaluate various sportspersons the same way? Do we accept intake of anabolic steroids and other related products by sportspersons? What is our real attitude to sportspersons that apply anabolic steroids and/or other performance-enhancing drugs/procedures? Do we praise those that are successful in sports due to anabolic steroids and other related remedies?
Sometimes the society is guilty for doping of athletes. The society should be blamed for abnormal actions of athletes. The society praises abnormal things which occur in the world of sports. The society praises those that have ligaments removed from cadavers. The society admires of athletes that are involved in different abnormal actions: competing with catheter, cutting fingers off, etc. Sportspersons do a lot in order to become famous. They submit to various procedures which are not needed for their health. Moreover, they use such medicines and procedures that cause various health problems in them. Why do they do such things? The answer is evident: they want to be praised; they desire to become celebrated. So, they do it for physical performance. While athletes use remedies which result in significant harm in them, we support their actions through our admiration, awards, money, etc.
Actually, the society is hypocritical. While we are used to blame steroids and several other banned drugs, we don’t condemn athletes that use different procedures for increase of their athletic performance. While we blame several dopers, we praise others. Why are certain preparations and procedures prohibited for increase of performance, while others are allowed? Let be reasonable! If you demonize steroids, don’t support those that utilize alternatives to these products which are also able to promote physical performance. If you want to see natural talents of athletes, don’t admire of those that submit to various procedures for increase of athletic performance! Before you blame or praise someone/something, ponder over this aspect! Don’t hurry and be reasonable!

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