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четверг, 21 марта 2013 г.

Athletes dope from ancient time

Steroids are regularly applied by sportspersons, bodybuilders and by ordinary persons. Since these products are prohibited in sports, doping scandals appear each day. Other remedies are applied along with anabolic steroids. A lot of sportspersons are inclined to apply heroin. You would probably wonder why heroin is used in sports. It is believed that heroin is applied by sportspeople for relief of pain.
Studying history of doping in sports, you can notice that athletes are ready to utilize many strange things, if these remedies have capacity to increase muscle size, reduce fat deposits, add strength, speed recovery from injuries and relieve pains. Gorgets and pickle juice represent only some remedies which are utilized along with steroids.
Doping is not a new factor in sports. Sportspersons dope from ancient times. They put efforts to introduce new remedies that can help them to reach several goals through enhancement of performance. It is frequently claimed that sports are good for health. Athletes and bodybuilders are normally viewed as healthy persons. But it is a wrong opinion. Sports are associated with some dangers for health. Sportspersons push their bodies till limits. They apply several dangerous remedies which promote their succeeding, acquiring awards and getting money. Although certain sportspersons achieve splendid results linked with prizes, they ruin their health essentially. Some sportspersons and bodybuilders even apply such preparations that threaten to life. They do it in the name of physical performance and success in sports.
However new remedies for increase of performance appear, you probably notice that the most of scandals are related to steroids and growth hormones. While several preparations appear and disappear quickly, steroids are unlikely to disappear. Although anti-doping officials try to eliminate intake of steroids from sports, their efforts turn out to be unsuccessful. While anti-doping agencies introduce more efficacious tests for detection of steroids and other related medications, athletes and bodybuilders find more sophisticated methods to dope and avoid detection. So, many athletes dope while not being caught by anti-doping agencies. Nobody can contest that anabolic steroids and certain other performance-enhancing drugs are widely abused in the world of sports and bodybuilding. Usage of steroids is unlikely to be eliminated from sports.

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