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четверг, 21 марта 2013 г.

Did steroids cause aggression in Oscar Pistorius?

Oscar Pistorius acknowledged that he had shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. But the sportsman claimed that he had killed her because he had mistaken her for a thief.
Police officers try to define why the Olympic athlete really shot his girlfriend. They discovered steroids at the athlete’s home.
Since anabolic steroids have been discovered in Oscar’s bedroom, it would be possibly argued that steroids caused uncontrolled behavior in the sportsman. Steroids would be demonized for the murder.
In fact, you should understand that it is quite hardly to state that anabolic steroids are responsible for aggression and violent behavior. Studies related to this issue are quite limited. According to results of several studies, users of steroids are predisposed to aggression, paranoia, jealousy, etc. It is stated that those that use steroids are more likely to be involved in crimes than those that have nothing to do with these medicines. But it is important to take in consideration that steroids may just contribute to aggression. Just these medicines alone can’t lead to aggression. They turn out to be just contributive factors. Other factors should be also present in order to cause aggression. Circumstances play great role in such situations. Thus, it is even impossible to determine whether anabolic steroids cause aggression or several circumstances. Cases should be reviewed as a complex of steroid use and circumstances.
It is also stated by experts that high levels of testosterone are linked with aggression in several persons. Thus, it is important to notice here that while certain persons with enhanced levels of testosterone experience aggression, others with elevated testosterone levels are not predisposed to uncontrolled aggression. This condition differs from one person to another.
You can see that the connection between intake of steroids and violence is a complicated issue. Specialists have not studied this condition well enough to engage it. So, if defense lawyers of the Olympic athlete desire to argue that steroids have made their client to murder his girlfriend, they should understand that they are going to utilize controversial affirmations.

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