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пятница, 15 марта 2013 г.

Collaboration of drug manufacturers with anti-doping officers

Today numerous drug manufacturers are ready to cooperate with anti-doping officers in their fight against intake of forbidden drugs in sports. It sounds strange but it is the reality. In fact, if you look at the fate of EPO, you can comprehend why pharmaceutical companies agree to support efforts of anti-doping officers. EPO is really an effective remedy for treatment of anemia. A lot of persons with anemia that have used EPO have been treated. But what do you think while hearing about this drug? Almost every individual associates this remedy just with doping in sports. This medication has been abused by the American cyclist Lance Armstrong that has cheated the whole world. Thus, EPO is associated just with cheating, disgrace, etc. Looking at this situation, pharmaceutical companies try to “defend” their drugs from the similar fate. That’s why they work together with anti-doping agencies.
Although several pharmaceutical companies began to cooperate with anti-doping agencies earlier, sometimes there were certain problems between them. Anti-doping officers criticized some pharmaceutical companies for their links to doping.
Nowadays relations between anti-doping officers and pharmaceutical companies are better. Pharmaceutical companies share detailed information about new products with anti-doping agencies. It is valuable information for development of detection tests for these products. While anti-doping agencies find out how drugs are manufactured, how they pass into body, how they work in the body, they can elaborate more efficacious tests for these drugs.
For example, the pharmaceutical company Roche that developed the medication CERA helped anti-doping agencies to introduce a detection test for it. Later other drug manufacturers followed the example of Roche. The pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline went so far, as it sponsored an anti-doping lab during London Olympics.
While relations between anti-doping officers and huge pharmaceutical companies become stronger, smaller drug manufacturers started to cooperate with anti-doping agencies too. While previously pharmaceutical companies haven’t wanted to discuss about their relations with anti-doping officers publicly, now they don’t fear to announce about this condition.

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