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пятница, 15 марта 2013 г.

Anti-doping rules are illogical in sports

It is not necessary to subject sportspersons to tests for doping substances. A lot of cases manifest that tests for forbidden medications aren’t effective. Furthermore, it is important to understand that application of tests by anti-doping officials is not logical at Olympics. The main purpose of Olympic athletes is following: to become faster, stronger and to be at the highest level. Thus, why should you keep athletes far from medicines which could help them to achieve this result?
As you know, steroids and other related medicines increase performance. Thus, athletes should be allowed to administer these remedies in order to increase physical performance.
A lot of individuals say that anabolic steroids and other doping products make competitions unfair. Is this opinion true? No, it wrong. You should recognize that tests for anabolic steroids and other related medications make competitions unfair. Numerous sportspersons apply performance-enhancing drugs while avoiding detection. Thus, several athletes apply steroids; others don’t violate anti-doping rules. As a result, users of doping products have unfair advantage over non-dopers. It’s unfair. Let all athletes have similar access to performance-enhancing drugs. Thus, competitions will be fairer.
But discussing unfairness in sports, you should not forget about other conditions which have more essential impact of fairness/unfairness than steroids and other related medicines. Certain athletes live in developed countries; others are in less developed countries. Some sportspersons have money to purchase necessary equipment; others can’t afford it. Several countries can sponsor athletes, coaches, sport physicians and managers; others are not able to do it. So, unfairness should be discussed here.
Olympic athletes spend much time while training. They sacrifice time, money, etc. That’s why it is illogical to suspend those that are caught applying steroids and other doping products.
While sportspeople are sentenced to bans for usage of steroids and some other chemical substances, they are never suspended for usage of herbs and certain potions. It is claimed that steroids and other chemical substances are suspended in sports because they can enhance athletic performance. But what is for herbs and potions? They are also capable to increase strength. Nevertheless, these remedies are not prohibited in sports.  Chinese sportspersons use herbal remedies and win.
Of course, you may claim that anabolic steroids and certain other products may result in severe adverse effects. Undoubtedly, some banned products may cause serious health troubles. But those that plan to take these medications do own research. They are aware of possible dangers. Let sportspersons decide whether it is worthy to use such preparations. If they are ready to worsen health, let them do it because they are masters upon own bodies.

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