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вторник, 4 декабря 2012 г.

Melky Cabrera continues his athletic career after ban for steroid use

Usage of steroids and several other products is banned in numerous sports organizations, including the Major League Baseball (MLB). Sportspeople that are caught administering forbidden substances are sentenced to bans, fines, etc. However athletes know about these aspects, many of them continue applying anabolic steroids and/or other prohibited medicines. As a result, certain sportspersons spoil their athletic reputation wholly. Nonetheless, certain sportspeople succeed, if even they are caught by anti-doping officers.
Let take the Dominican baseball player Melky Cabrera as an example. This athlete played baseball for San Francisco Giants. He was considered to be one of the best baseball players. It was believed that he promoted winning evidentially. But after he tested positive for a steroid, he was sentenced to a 50-game suspension.
Melky Cabrera put efforts to modify the decision and appealed it. He tried to prove that a dietary supplement was responsible for his positive. Certain individuals desired to help him in that situation. Thus, a fake site was formed. An advertisement for non-existing supplement was posted. But the trick was unmasked. The athlete had to serve the suspension.
While he was suspended, the San Francisco Giants realized that they could win without him.
Recently Melky Cabrera obtained a $16 million contract. He will play for the Toronto Blue Jays.
 As you see, administration of steroids couldn’t destruct the athletic career of the Dominican baseball player. He continues to play baseball professionally and earn essential sums of money.
This is just an example which displays that usage of forbidden remedies doesn’t destroy athletic careers in some situations.

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