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воскресенье, 9 декабря 2012 г.

Nobody should blame legendary American cyclist for doping in pro cycling

However you probably don’t know anything about Scott Mercier, his affirmations related to usage of performance-enhancing drugs in professional cyclist spread very quickly. This man belonged to the US Postal Cycling team before Lance Armstrong’s arrival. Some affirmations of Scott Mercier discovered the truth that was hidden in cycling.
Actually, the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) made incorrect conclusions linked with role of Lance Armstrong in doping. The 7-time Tour de France winner was accused and found guilty of intake of forbidden medicines throughout his cycling career. While it may be true, the USADA claimed that Lance Armstrong induced doping in professional cycling. But these statements turned out to be wrong. Why? Which words were said by Scott Mercier?
Scott Mercier noted that their team doctor Pedro Celaya offered a specific program for the US Postal Cycling team. Pedro Celaya discussed about the program with each rider. Pedro Celaya said that they had to ride 200-250 km each day. Moreover, the doctor organized doping program that had to accompany workouts. So, he supplied US Postal Cycling team’s athletes with steroids, EPO and some other products.
These recommendations were offered by Pedro Celaya, when Lance Armstrong didn’t ride professionally. This man experienced testicular cancer that time. There was no any doubt that Lance Armstrong would not be able to be involved in professional cycling. His cancer spread on other parts of the body, including brain. After this man experienced chemotherapy he got recovery. So, Lance Armstrong didn’t have any relation to the team. He didn’t induce doping in professional cycling. It became obvious that doping was organized by Pedro Celaya before Lance Armstrong’s arrival.
During 1990s professional riders used Andriol. Then they applied testosterone patches. Under indications of Pedro Celaya riders utilized the method of overdosing in order to avoid detection by anti-doping agencies.

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