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воскресенье, 9 декабря 2012 г.

What do you think about largest arms in world?

The Egyptian bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail has the largest biceps in the world. His name was recorded in the Guinness book of the world records. This guy says that his large biceps are natural. He claims that he has the largest biceps in the world because he has very strict diets and trainings. The Egyptian bodybuilder eats chickens, almonds and fish each day. Moustafa Ismail also consumes much water and protein shakes.
However it is evident that diets and workouts have essential role, many individuals doubt about natural arms of Moustafa Ismail. It is hard to believe that suitable workouts and nutrition can cause such increase in arms. Which factors are responsible for the massive arms of the Egyptian bodybuilder?
When it was published that Moustafa Ismail’s arms were 32 inches, accusations linked with steroid use appeared soon. Some people suppose that anabolic steroids are responsible for the large arms of this guy. What did Moustafa Ismail say about usage of anabolic steroids? He claimed that he had taken anabolic steroids while living in Egypt. Purchase and administration of these products are legal under laws of this country. These products are offered for sale at any pharmacy in Egypt. Furthermore, steroids are cheap there. But Moustafa Ismail said that he had to stop using these drugs, when he moved to the USA. It is know that purchase and usage of these drugs without a prescription are considered to be criminal under laws of the US. These drugs are bought on the black market by those that administer them in the US illegally. So, Moustafa Ismail discontinued applying these drugs after he moved to the USA.
But if even Moustafa Ismail administers anabolic steroids, it doesn’t matter because these products don’t increase arms. They are not responsible for the bodybuilder’s large arms.
There are other remedies that can increase arms. They are called “site enhancement oils” (SEO). Synthol is one of the most often taken SEO. This preparation is administered by bodybuilders. It is administered in order to enhance muscles in circumference. So, it is supposed that Moustafa Ismail administers Synthol. However, the Egyptian bodybuilder claims that he doesn’t use this product.
The bodybuilder affirms that he is hurt by accusations related to anabolic steroids and Synthol. He has been subjected to examination conducted by an independent doctor that hasn’t seen any abnormality in the arms of this person. Thus, it is not clear whether his arms are natural or not.

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