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воскресенье, 23 декабря 2012 г.

Mark McGwire made mistake, when he used steroids

The American baseball player and coach Mark McGwire acknowledged that he had applied anabolic steroids and HGH.
There are various points of view which are related to the baseball player’s admission. According to many persons, Mark McGwire admitted to administering banned medicines because he desired to come back to professional baseball.
Being interviewed, Mark McGwire affirmed lately that he made a mistake when he decided to take steroids. But Mark McGwire noted that he had taken steroids not for enhancement of performance. The American professional baseball player and coach affirmed that he had applied steroids and HGH just for clinical needs.
It is interesting to notice that when Mark McGwire admitted to administering prohibited substances, his fans and other persons were not surprised at all. Why were not they surprised? They knew about it. Certain persons revealed that Mark McGwire took steroids before he admitted. A FBI informant said that the American baseball player had bought Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Equipose and Winstrol from the steroid dealer Curtis Wenzlaff and taken these preparations.
Another person that reported about administration of steroids by Mark McGwire was the “godfather of steroids” Jose Canseco. He noted that he injected Mark McGwire with anabolic steroids. But Jose Canseco was not the first individual that helped Mark McGwire to take anabolic steroids. Jay, Mark’s brother, was the first person who injected the baseball player with anabolic steroids.
Although Mark McGwire acknowledged that he had applied steroids, he said nothing about affirmations provided by his brother, Jose Canseco and the FBI informant. He didn’t disclose whether these statements were true or not.
Mark McGwire notes that he knows that he will never enter the Baseball Hall of Fame. Moreover, the admitted steroid user says that he will never fight to be voted for the Hall of Fame. Mark McGwire expresses respect to all rules related to baseball. He realizes that those that have ever taken prohibited products must not enter the Hall of Fame.

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