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вторник, 18 декабря 2012 г.

Admitted steroid user wants to live so, as God says

Tammy Thomas, a former American cyclist, took the steroid THG. As a result, she was suspended from professional sports for the whole life.
Tammy Thomas desired to participate in the 2004 Olympics. That’s why the cyclist decided to use steroids to improve her performance and make her dreams related to the Olympics real. But since she was caught administering banned medications, she was not permitted to compete at the Olympic Games.
Tammy Thomas was charged with lying to the Grand Jury. She turned out to be targeted during the BALCO investigation. It was affirmed that Tammy Thomas didn’t say truth about application of anabolic steroids and getting of THG. While she was accused of lying to the Grand Jury, she presented some arguments in order to defend herself against the accusations.
The American cyclist affirmed that she hadn’t used any prohibited preparation. Actually, she said truth. At that time THG was not written on the list of prohibited drugs. It was claimed to be just an unapproved new preparation. THG was elaborated by the chemist Patrick Arnold.
While the BALCO foundation sold THG to numerous sportspersons, it was stated that Tammy Thomas obtained this product from Patrick Arnold. But the female cyclist denied this statement. Finally, she claimed that Patrick Arnold’s former girlfriend supplied her with THG.
The arguments of Tammy Thomas were not accepted. She was given a home detection of 6 months and probation of 5 years.
Tammy Thomas repented completely. She acknowledged that she acted wrongly. So, she decided to change her life. Being a religious individual, Tammy Thomas believes that God has a plan linked with her life. She claimed that she would do anything in order to act so, as God desires. She founded a fitness center and decided to help others to keep their health.

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