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пятница, 28 декабря 2012 г.

Why are college athletes suspected of steroid use?

A few college sportspersons are caught administering prohibited drugs. Does it mean that they don’t take doping products? Less than 1% of college football players have been caught violating anti-doping policies. They have tested positive for anabolic steroids and/or other doping products. Such situation must assure anti-doping agencies that they win in the fight against doping. But certain suspicions appear. It is believed that numerous college football players apply steroids and/or other related medications but they avoid detection successfully.
Why do such suspicions appear? Changes in appearance of college football players lead to controversial points of view. Thus, changes in body weight of more than 61,000 college football players were recently analyzed by the Associated Press. Results showed that many college football players enhanced their body mass in short period of time obviously. Over 20 pounds were gotten by more than 4,500 college football players during a year. Moreover, near 100 persons increased the body mass by over 80 pounds during a year. As you see, the gains were significant.
Some experts affirm that these aspects should not trouble anti-doping officials. They notice that anti-doping officials shouldn’t subject college football players to drug tests only because they have increased body mass evidentially.
But other experts have another opinion. Although they agree that it is impossible to affirm that certain football players have taken steroids and/or other related products, basing only on changes in body mass, they note that the changes may be a factor which leads to suspicions linked with usage of steroids. Thus, such individuals that have enhanced body weight in short time should be subjected to drug testing.
Certain college football players that increased body weight significantly in short period of time were asked about their changes. The sportspersons claimed that they had never applied any banned medicines. They assured that they achieved such great changes naturally. The college athletes noted that they had consumed much food for this need. So, they assured that such great results were reached by them with the help of proper nutrition. According to them, it was not difficult to gain many pounds in short period of time.

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