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вторник, 25 декабря 2012 г.

Ways to stop hair loss while using steroids

Anabolic steroids are widely used in medicine and in bodybuilding and sports. A lot of individuals apply these medications in order to improve their health. These drugs are prescribed to treat certain diseases. Furthermore, many sportspeople and bodybuilders administer steroids in order to increase muscle mass, add strength, restore exercise-damaged muscle tissues, etc. But some persons are not ready to assume certain risks connected with these medicines. It is known that anabolic steroids may lead to some unwanted effects. One of adverse consequences of these products is hair loss. So, several individuals try to avoid administration of anabolic steroids because they don’t want to suffer from this adverse result. Moreover, certain individuals are predisposed to this problem genetically. If they administer some steroids, they may get baldness.
Fortunately, several side results of anabolic steroids may be prevented or at least minimized and treated. As for hair loss, there are certain drugs which can help to prevent this problem. There are also such preparations which have ability to promote re-growth of hair. Those that have to apply steroids may apply certain remedies to prevent hair loss or cause re-growth of hair. Which medicines are useful for this need?
Since hair loss occurs because of increased levels of dihydrotestosterone, several persons take Propecia that blocks dihydrotestosterone and prevents hair loss. But this is not the best product for prevention of hair loss while applying anabolic steroids. Blocking of dihydrotestosterone by this drug may lead to sexual problems.
Rogaine, Retin-A and Lattisse are useful. Rogaine has got FDA’s approval for treatment of hair loss. Rogaine may be taken together with Retin-A or Latisse. Rogaine and Latisse have ability to prevent hair loss that may occur because of anabolic steroids. As for Latisse, it is approved by the FDA for eyelash growth. But it is not approved by the FDA to be used in case of hair loss. Nonetheless, it is stated by several experts that this drug may be applied for re-growth of hair successfully.

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