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вторник, 25 декабря 2012 г.

Kidney failure in consumers of steroids

Anabolic steroids are frequently blamed for various health problems of consumers. Of course, these medications may cause several adverse results. Nevertheless, steroids are often demonized without any reason. It is affirmed frequently by the media that these medications lead to different health problems, crimes, deaths. But it is important to understand essence of these medications and see when these medicines should not be blamed.
Let analyze 2 situations. One of the cases is related to the former American bodybuilder Flex Wheeler. Another case is related to another former bodybuilder Luke Wood.
The former American bodybuilder Flex Wheeler experienced kidney disorders. He submitted to a kidney transplant. Since he took steroids, the media decided to blame these preparations for kidney failure of Flex Wheeler. In fact, Flex Wheeler had a hereditary kidney disease. Of course, intake of steroids contributed to the complications. But did the bodybuilder apply steroids correctly? Did he follow reasonable guidelines related to dosages and length of usage? No, he didn’t. The bodybuilder administered very enhanced doses of steroids. Furthermore, he used these products long period of time. In addition to these factors, the former American bodybuilder took also other medicines that had negative influence on his kidneys. So, anabolic steroids should not be demonized for Flex Wheeler’s disease.
As it has been already noticed, another case is related to the former bodybuilder Luke Wood. His death followed after a kidney transplant, being a young person. The media also decided to demonize steroids in this situation. It was reported that steroids caused kidney disorders in Luke Wood. But you should be informed that the bodybuilder took not only steroids. He took also insulin, pain drugs, DNP and other products that influenced on the kidneys negatively. So, it is impossible to assure that steroids were responsible for his kidney failure and death.
According to numerous experts, if steroids are administered properly, severe kidney dysfunctions don’t occur.

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