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вторник, 18 декабря 2012 г.

Mariusz Wach trusted his trainers totally

It was affirmed by the German newspaper Bild that the polish boxer Mariusz Wach violated anti-doping laws. This athlete tested positive for steroids. The drug testing was conducted before the fight between this athlete and the Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klichko.
According to A-sample of Mariusz Wach, he administered steroids. Results of his B-sample are not known yet.
It is interesting to note that the German newspaper Bild announced about the steroid positive of Mariusz Wach before it was done by the German Boxing Federation. Mariusz Kolodziej, the promoter of the boxer Wach thinks that it manifests that the German Boxing Federation doesn’t do its job appropriately. It lacks professionalism totally.
What did Mariusz Wach say in order to defend himself? Actually, Mariusz Wach didn’t try to defend himself. The athlete only said that he had never applied any steroids or other banned preparations intentionally. He even noticed that he didn’t know what he really took. Mariusz Wach cared only about trainings and proper nutrition. When it comes to dietary supplements, they were chosen and provided by his trainers. The polish athlete trusted his trainers entirely. The boxer didn’t even ask which supplements were administered by him. He decided to put the total responsibility connected with supplements on his trainers and he was not interested in the nature of products which were given by his trainers.
Mariusz Wach didn’t want to accuse his trainers of his steroid positive. The polish boxer only revealed the reality.
Thus, it is possible to suggest that Mariusz Wach has applied a contaminated supplement. As you probably know, it happens quite frequently that sportspersons use nutrition supplements that turn out to contain steroidal compounds. Thus, troubles begin.
If Mariusz Wach’s B-sample indicates that the boxer has used banned medicines, he will be probably banned for one year. He will be also sentenced to pay a fine.

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